Old computer becomes Apache server

ifastnet has been a fairly poor host. They ‘upgraded’ my server without telling me which for some reason took over 14 hours, and my site is frequently down for no apparent reason and with no warning. I guess with them you really get what you pay for: in my case, nothing; I’m using their free hosting service. So I decided to set up an old Compaq computer to run as a server.

It was originally running Mandriva Linux which was hardly ideal since I was for some reason not able to run apt-get… So I installed Ubuntu 8.04.1 Server on it and apt-get installed Apache. It’s now mirroring my site at and running a tor relay at the same time. A bad idea on a 4Mb connection perhaps, I’ll just have to wait and see…

View full story and pics here


One Response to Old computer becomes Apache server

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