Religion: in pictures

I recently stumbled upon a website full of cartoons about faith, and I have linked some of my favourites here – these ones most accurately reflect my own attitude towards religion and faith (and related politics). The original website is here.
NB: the pictures are all copyrighted, as detailed on the site linked to above.

In no particular order:


6 Responses to Religion: in pictures

  1. gedanken451 says:

    P.S. If you’re deeply religious I regret the anger I may have caused, but please don’t come after me with harmful intents. I’m too young to die…

  2. Vivan Jayant says:

    I completely agree with all of these comics. Religion is really far too big nowadays. It plays a huge part in pretty much the biggest election in the world; a christian President is infinitely more likely to be voted into power than an atheist one. This is silly, from my experiences, the atheists are much more open-minded (and from what I’ve seen, more intelligent, but this is not a generalisation, just an observation).

  3. David Cooper says:

    I hope you die a cruel death, you intolerant, self-righteous, close-minded nerd

  4. egbertonline says:

    David, I love how you found a way to wish a cruel death on somebody due to his beliefs, and then call *him* intolerant in the same sentence.

  5. fewandfarbetween says:

    egbert, David’s right, I think all sensitivity got thrown out when gedanken described religion as “stupidity”, “misunderstanding” and “retardation of scientific progress”. I wish you’d debate religion and keep an open mind as opposed to shutting off all theories but your own. David’s prob just pissed off because his faith is being mocked.

  6. Bryant Tan says:

    fewandfarbetween: interpret it however you wish, but I never equated religion to those; what I said was that Hitchens and Dawkins are ‘battling shoulder to shoulder against the forces of stupidity, misunderstanding and retardation of scientific progress’. Both men are thus against the aspects of religion that have those properties. The fact that Hitchens seems to equate religion to those three problems does not mean I share the exact same opinion.

    In my opinion, considering unacceptable the retardation of scientific progress in an intelligent population of human beings is perfectly justifiable. Since certain aspects of religion appear to jeopardise scientific advancement, I am therefore consistent with being rational and reasonable in attacking them as enemies of modern science. Apologies if innocuous versions of religion get some splash damage.

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