Routes Game Launched

Routes is launched (about 20 hours ago).

Routes Game Logo

Routes Game Logo

Back in the distant past of 2008 a couple of developers came to St Paul’s to give a talk (to the Games Society) on a new game that was being created at the time. The talk was partially a pitch to hook people in, but it also functioned as a session to run ideas past a sample of the intended gamer audience the enterprise would be aimed at. They said they got some useful feedback and we got cool moo cards from Kim, a key member of the team.

From what I gathered from that talk the concept of the entire enterprise (not just the website but the way they propose to play the whole thing out) was fairly novel, and certainly one to watch over the next few months. The game, in short, is about education and genetics. Among the subsections of the game there was talk of writing a ‘breeder’ game which is some sort of DNA-based-evolution-simulating game (a lot of very interesting programming concepts and theory can come in here but … it’s late and if I start I’ll go on forever and bore everyone to death) in which players start with a ‘breeder’ character and can breed with other breeders to produce children breeders with different DNA [recurse]. They also talked about a ‘big mystery that [people] can take part in and help solve….’ and ideas for some very attractive prizes (I observe that they seem to have taken our advice on those!) Sporting the Channel 4 logo and having an association with the Wellcome Trust have their financial benefits…

I haven’t really said anything particularly profound or indeed got much intelligent to say about it, mainly because my memory of the talk is somewhat faded and besides, from some of the things we were let in on during the talk at St Paul’s, I suspect I shouldn’t be revealing too much at this early stage for fear of ruining a surprise in the future. But at the time I remember being quite excited about following the progress of this audacious enterprise. As they say, watch [that] space.


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