Brent Roos: A Short but Amusing Story

I suppose when you create a blog you’re signing up to being exposed to the blogosphere in all its glory, including the bloggers who really don’t deserve to be heard. Unfortunately there are some of us, me included, who find some of the stuff people say irresistibly funny; I hope you share my sense of humour :).

Brents Avatar

Brent's Avatar

Many of you reading this may be acquainted, at least in passing and/or by word of mouth, with the story of a certain extreme nationalist American blogger by the name of Brent Roos who has recently attempted to lay comment-waste to this blog. So I reckon he deserves a post of his own for his efforts. His online presence took the form of a curious persona who seems extremely religious (Christian), extremely right-wing (neither of the US candidates were good enough for him. Neither was my – apparently insufficient – distaste of Communism in China, for that matter) and notoriously rude. As it turns out, it all made for quite a good laugh. Perhaps I should start from the beginning…

Some time ago I wrote a blog post on global warming. I thought it would end up passing by the blogosphere with little comment. My expectations were, I thought, confirmed until fairly recently when I was in China and had just blogged about the whole experience. The first thing I noticed when I next logged on was that this apparently crazy person had written a few quite aggressive comments.

Brent on Shanghai:

So, how’s the communism there? Funny how you mention magnificent things that put you in awe, but seem to forget to ever mention the horrific human atrocities by the communists there who have killed tens of millions of people — whose only crimes were wishing freedom.
Personally, I would never step foot in China. But then again, I loathe the communist.

Brent on global warming:

Blah, blah, blah…. 2008 is the coldest year in a decade. This is nothing more than alarmism and fear-mongering. 30 years ago it was global cooling.
As far as oil is concerned, if not for the fearmongering, we would be drilling for much more oil here in the states. We are the only country on the planet which has restricted itself from it’s own natural resources to the extent that we have.
What is taking place here is not unlike many of the other institutions that the government has seized over the last several months and years. They have seized the media, the banking/mortgage industry, now the auto industry, etc. The energy industry is more global so they cannot just simply seize that. So instead, they reinvent it, claiming that the current system IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!!! In other words, this is a takeover…wake up! We are becoming a socialist country right before our eyes. Granted, there are many who want this, because it is far easier to let the government take responsibility for your life, than to do it yourself. If you do it yourself, the only one you can blame when you fail is yourself, however, without failure, there comes no success.
All of the fancy words are crap when you finally get to the point. Global warming/cooling/climate change/enter fearmongering buzzword here/ is total crapola. Don’t believe the hype sheeple…

I attempted to be civilised while smiling to myself:

I, and pretty much all scientists, still think the evidence points towards a long-term upwards trend in temperatures. The point I’m trying to press though is that the solution should no longer lie in this religious instinct of humans to make themselves suffer through deprivation and force others to do likewise. As Steven E Landsberg quite aptly put in his book The Armchair Economist, eco warriors are nothing more than irrational idiots who will do all sorts of unspeakable things just to get a few energy-saving bulbs into a house while completely ignoring the fact that the production of the wretched things is (supposedly, according to their own models of carbon dioxide and warming) far more detrimental than the gases emitted in the production of the electricity required to run the average 150W bulb. Children are growing up feeding on this propaganda, learning that electricity = oil = global warming = bad. Eco warriors are literally putting words in children’s mouths from birth, preventing them from making their own informed decisions on such hugely important matters. Fundamentally, I disagree with the eco-warrior doctrine: ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. I disagree with them. But what I disagree with even more (believe it or not) is outright cynicism. I like to think of myself as a sceptic, someone who follows the doctrine that through doubt the truth may be obtained. I don’t think much truth may be obtained from simply assuming everything the media says must be false (although I would probably be surprised if I actually tested that).
Is it a safe bet that you supported McCain? I think in that case that you and I will just have to agree to disagree on a load of things. Drill baby drill is not going to cut it. However irrelevant the oil situation is to the environment, I still believe abusing it remains a bad idea (for reasons outlined in the post).

At which point Brent became even more manic:

I’m not a Republican if that’s what you have assumed, nor am I a Democrat (Republicrat/Demlican). There were other candiates (good ones who care about America and the Constitution) you know.

It’s hilarious to me that you *think* that there is a shred of difference between Clinton/Bush/McCain/Obama despite the fact that most of their policies are identical on paper and are bought and paid for by many of the same corporate lobbyists. You have been duped!

It’s also hilarious to me that you think that you are so much smarter than I. I’m above your black vs. white mentality. I see everything through a crystal clear lens, while you observe things through the clouds of emotion. I’m really glad you feel good about what you’re doing. Unfortunately, it is a bit sad that you are totally wasting your life on bunk science.

This is a takeover, and you are on board whether you know it or not. By the way, it is completely untrue to say that ALL scientists agree. It is only the ones who like working, as the honest ones are being blacklisted by the rest of the Marxists who intend to carry out the New World Order –Clinton/Bush/McCain/Obama are all involved. Wake up!

Unsure of what to do (whether to laugh out loud or feel vaguely offended) I sent the link to a friend who, rather to my surprise, posted a prompt riposte:

Heh, thats what I love about the internet, the sheer comedy of the right wing nutters who comment on blogs. Ok, lets give this a quick look through:
Blah, blah, blah[his riposte begins to shatter Bryant’s article from the first 3 words, giving an example of the incisive wit]…. 2008 is the coldest year in a decade. [not true, especially in the ice caps] This is nothing more than alarmism and fear-mongering.[what a ridiculous oversimplification, at least respect the majority of the world’s scientists enough to give their theorems serious consideration] 30 years ago it was global cooling. [what’s your point? You give no evidence to discredit cooling, it just shows that the earth’s temperature is very fragile and volatile, and that human’s can effect it]
As far as oil is concerned, if not for the fearmongering [that’s two words], we would be drilling for much more oil here in the states. [try telling that to Alaskan inhabitants who do everything they can to prevent it] We are the only country on the planet which has restricted itself from it’s own natural resources to the extent that we have. [Britain has huge coal and sizable oil reserves, but doesn’t use them because secondary and tertiary industries are more profitable and less destructive, America is well advised to do so also]
What is taking place here is not unlike many of the other institutions that the government has seized over the last several months and years.[is the earth’s climate an institution?] They have seized the media [the same media that is constantly attacking the Bush administration?], the banking/mortgage industry[you mean giving it 700 billion dollars to help it out? Would you rather they let it rot?], now the auto industry, etc. [that is collapsing on its own accord] The energy industry is more global so they cannot just simply seize that. So instead, they [is the US government the only body claiming that global warming is happening? Until recently they were one of the only major powers to deny it!] reinvent it, claiming that the current system IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!!! In other words, this is a takeover…wake up! [you are obviously not clouded by emotion…] We are becoming a socialist country right before our eyes. [mm, if everybody would just see sense and spend all their money on fuel until they become impoverished, Capitalism would flourish, right?] Granted, there are many who want this [ooh, nice move, lets blame the communists to deflect the focus on the fault of the average american], because it is far easier to let the government take responsibility for your life, than to do it yourself. [how did we get here from climate change?] If you do it yourself, the only one you can blame when you fail is yourself, [is the Government banning people from polluting? No! Is it trying hard to look at alternate energy sources? Yes, how is this an attack on liberalism?] however, without failure, there comes no success. [that’s nice…]
All of the fancy words [that you don’t understand] are crap when you finally get to the point. Global warming/cooling/climate change/enter fearmongering buzzword here/ is total crapola. [in your learned and well researched opinion that flies in the face of the 95% certainty by the UN’s IPCC that climate change is anthropogenic Where did you get your PhD again?] Don’t believe the hype sheeple[witty play on words mixing sheep with people?]…

After a torrent of e-hostility from Brent and the substantial mirth that brought me and my friends, a couple of us decided to actually visit his site and discovered he really was as crackpot as we thought. He supported Israel’s invasion of Palestine on the grounds of, of all things, religion. He classified Linux-users as Communists. He decided the world isn’t overpopulated and that anyone who thinks it is ought to be banished to Siberia (well, something to that effect). Anthony began posting sarcastic comments on his site under the alias “Bryant Dory”, to which Brent replied seemingly incognisant that they really were meant to be sarcastic:

It’s almost as if your comment is satirical … [insert accusation of being communist]

Unfortunately I can’t remember any of these comments and they are unavailable to me to [Ctrl+C] [Ctrl+V] as, seemingly after he realised how stupid he’s been, Brent finally locked down his site with a password.

I think his online existence was met with some hostility, as a Google search for his name yielded these two results on the first page of results:
# Who in the hell is Brent Roos
# Brent Roos Barked at Me and I Barked Back
Someone even called him an ‘arsehat’…

So in conclusion, seriously, if you’re reading this, thank you Brent for supplying us with such entertainment. It’s been a great laugh and I hope you regain enough courage to the internet at some point in the future. xx

Brents locked down site

Brent's locked down site


3 Responses to Brent Roos: A Short but Amusing Story

  1. Theo says:

    Haha. This guy is hilarious. A joke. Haha.

  2. Brent says:

    That is not at all why my website went down, but you have a very bright imagination.

    It had absolutely nothing to do with you or anyone else. I suggest that you read this entire comment.

    Honestly, I had forgotten all about your little insignificant website.

    Just to let you know because you made an article about me, I’m not a right-winger (or a left-winger). I don’t subscribe to linear politics. It’s far too petty as far as I’m concerned. I am above that linear scale of measurement.

    Arguing with someone of your nature is futile, because anyone who disagrees with you is obviously an extreme nationalist American, right-winged, Christian. Because “neither candidate was good enough for me” (linear politics), you have made your conclusion. Like I said, there were more than two candidates on the ballot.

    You had might as well know that I am a Ron Paul supporter, but that is not important. What is important is that a year or two from now, you will probably delete this post and “password protect” your blog, “realizing how stupid” this childish rant is.

    Yeah, truly hilarious. You complain of a childish rant with one of your own. Can you say hypocrite?

    The term sheeple is not something that I coined. It means that you blindingly follow what you are told. You live in a free country so why not think freely?

    And I am still blogging. I own several blogs, and have been blogging for years and years — before people even called them “blogs.”

    The reason that my old blog is password protected is because that particular domain will be used for something else down the road. But I didn’t just delete it because there is a lot of stuff in that database including articles, photos, and documents that I still want to sort through.

    Granted, what some of what I said may have been slightly inaccurate. The situation is far worse that I thought, now that more information has been made public.

    To all of you other people out there making light of this, you can do one of two things: you can keep drinking the kool-aid all the way to “the promised land”, or you can heed the warning of someone who truly cares about people (even ones who disagree with me) that many people are going to be hurt by this.

    The globalists are taking over. In order for it to happen, you must be convinced that it is for your own good. It is called “conquering through consent, rather than by conquest.”

    This whole global warming scare is to convince people that “smart grid” is a good idea that will save us. Now that the stimulus is passed, we will begin on that, in addition to making all of your information available in a database. President Obama said that himself. It’s for “universal health care”, you know. It’s for your own good. What comes next? Probably a national ID. But why go through the trouble of cards, after all those can be defrauded. So next comes the microchip implants.

    Or perhaps the chips will come a different way. Perhaps some more “terrorist attacks” will do it. They will need to know that you aren’t a terrorist, and spying on your phone calls and emails aren’t enough for “security.”

    Either way, it will happen.

    But what I said is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more. For instance the North American Union and the Amero, which happens to be already in print –therefore it is undeniably real.

    Is this sinking in yet? This is not paranoia. This is really going to happen. This global warming thing is not about the environment. They aren’t just going to openly announce Big Brother. Don’t believe me? Do some research Einstein. All of this has been planned for decades if not centuries.

    WAKE UP!! I’m trying to warn you, not rant about childish things. This is too important to ignore.

    It is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact. It is reality; one that is totally obvious to the educated. To the ignorant, it sounds too crazy to accept, because it contradicts everything you thought you have always known about everything, so it is easier to ignore or even make fun. Dude, this is not a joke. I may even be putting myself and my family in danger even talking about this in such an open way, you know with my real name (hint, hint).

    You have been programmed and brainwashed through mind control for your entire life. Did you honestly believe that TV was made public to the masses for your entertainment?

    Again, I do not subscribe to your phony left vs. right paradigm of linear politics. You ought to get over that too. It is a tool to divide us. They cannot make us submit when we are united and when we actually care about each other. In order for them to succeed, we must be bitterly divided and hate each other. We must blame each other for all the problems, so the truth is never revealed.

    Once you can get over that division, you may wake up to reality one day.

    Our so-called recession or depression, as it truly is, is engineered intentionally. It is on purpose, in order to usher in a new monetary system. It would never be accepted to go off of the dollar-standard otherwise.

    And yes, the New World Order is real. It is being openly announced on major mainstream media.

    Yes we are socialist now, but that is only on the surface. And please recognize the difference between socialism and communism. The former is a form of government, the latter a form of economy. Communism is a tool to keep people from uprising. The people on the top are not communist, they are fascist. You must get over your linear scale of measurement.

    I appreciate your making light of this, and thinking it’s a joke. You probably won’t be joking around when you and your family are forced to live your life in ways you have never imagined. Before you dismiss this (due to your own ignorance and fears), do some actual research first. You will realize that there is something to what I’m saying.

    It’s called situational awareness, so you can be prepared. You ought to be thanking me and making an article about how I helped open your eyes.

    It’s coming dude and I have been trying to warn you. But my approach was wrong. I didn’t mean to come off as insulting you. But don’t think that when someone tells you that you are wrong they are “hostile.” They are trying to tell you you are wrong because they care.

    Because this is the very last time I will be coming here using this name at least, I want you to know that I did not end that blog because of anything to do with you or anyone else. I figured it was worth explaining since you were incorrect. It is none of your business to know why, other than what I have already said, but your blog was never that significant to me. And I had no idea until now that you were copying and pasting from my blog (which is copyrighted material by the way). Don’t take offense to that.

    Yes, I realize how stupid I have been. I wasted way too much time blogging about silly things that while it was fun for me to totally mess with people (even though it made people think and that is my unique blogging style, with encryption and symbolism), there are way too many important things to directly focus on. Something very bad is about to happen in the country, and the rest of the world. America is going to fall, and must fall in order for the globalists to carry out their New World Order.

    Rather than laugh in childish fashion and continue your linear political thinking (which is exactly what they have programed you to do for your entire life), I suggest you listen for once, and open your mind. Educate yourself and you will open a door to the truth.

    Turn off your TV. You are being lied to systematically. You are being fed subliminal messages too. My suggestion is to spend your precious time doing research, and then when you finally get it, spread the word.

    There is so much more I could tell you but this comment is already too long. It is now in your hands to do the research, rather than waste a second more insulting me, and falling for the politics of division. That is what the globalists have worked for decades to do. Don’t let them win.

    Or, you can just sit back, and let other people tell you what to think. The choice is still yours –now.

    P.S. you never fooled me with your random comments on my former blog about Israel. I was trying to make a point to you that you obviously did not understand. Many of my posts on my former blog were cryptic and written in a very non-direct way on purpose. I am done doing that because of the rate at which all of this is accelerating. Time is running out.

    Now that you have the tools, do the research and spread the word.

  3. Brent says:

    I would also like to add because I forgot, there will be a civil war in America –soon.

    Gun confiscation is already in the works –it is being planned and they are carrying out drills, and implementing ways to make it impossible to be armed in many states.

    Dozens of states are trying to pass legislation declaring sovereignty.

    WAKE UP! This is really happening!

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